Month: March 2013

Wool by Hugh Howey

APV Episode 2: Serializing Your Novel and Why Simon & Schuster Paid Hugh Howey Six Figures for the Print Rights to a Self-Published eBook

Another giant step forward for authors! As an author, I’m excited whenever any author blazes the trail a bit more in the continuing journey of writers gaining more control and reward for their efforts. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on the nearly unheard of circumstance of self-published author Hugh Howey selling the print rights of his post-apocalyptic thriller, Wool, to Simon & Schuster for a ‘six figures’ sum. What makes this newsworthy is that Howey was able to retain the digital rights for himself, and that is HUGE. Watch the video for more details.

Craig Allan Teich Zombie Apocalpse

APV Episode 1: The Zombie Apocalypse of Traditional Publishing & Why Authors Shall Inherit the Earth

In this episode…we kick things off with a little skit poking fun at the slow motion (but accelerating) demise of traditional publishers, and chat about why right now is the most exciting time to be an author since Gutenberg invented the printing press. And in the middle of the video, I will make a bold prediction about how many new author millionaires will be created in the next five years.

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