Video: Duncan Whitehead Discusses His Book, The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club, Indie Publishing, Marketing, and How to Attract Investors to Help Launch Your Book

Duncan Whitehead Interview Craig Allan Teich

In this episode, I chat with novelist, Duncan Whitehead, author of The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club. We discuss having the courage to publish, the insane concept of getting investors for your book just like you would a new business, marketing your book on social media, radio, print, and blog tours. And he talks about the importance of building and leveraging your own platform. WARNING: Beware the NC-17 outtakes near the beginning, especially if you’re watching this near your kids or co-workers.

Hugh Howey Interview – Part 2: Favorite Novel, Best Writing Tools, Mac vs PC, When & Why to Serialize Your Novel for Maximum Sales

Hugh Howey Craig Allan Teich Intervew Part 2

In this episode we chat about his favorite novel, as in what which he’d take to a deserted island if he could only take one. We learn his writing tools of choice — Mac or PC; Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Scrivener, old fashioned typewriter; and what piece of software he can’t live without. We discuss which actors he’d like to see play the lead characters from Wool when Ridley Scott makes the movie. And we talk about the benefits of serializing your novel, ideal word count, and other publishing strategies that helped make Wool into the huge success it is. And other cool stuff, of course! Go watch it now and leave a comment for me, Hugh, or both of us. Enjoy!