Vlog Ep. 002 — He Stole My Bike and My Kids Went Swimming

Vlog Episode 002 Featured Image

This was suppose to be the story of how my bike was stolen right in front of me by some brazen scumbag in a rusted out Bronco, and then how I finally got a new bike 8 long years later. But I messed up most of the footage I filmed by forgetting to turn on my microphone. Duh! (smacks self in head). Any way, see how I built my new bike in two minutes or less, and my daughters getting groovy in the pool. Enjoy!

Vlog Ep. 001 — Starting a Vlog and Asking If Anyone Will Be in My Vlog?

Vlog Episode 001 Featured Image

In my first daily vlog episode, I pursue the question that has puzzled scholars and theologians for millennia: Will anyone be in my vlog? No harder episode is ever made than the first one. Honestly, I was terrified. And I was suffering from a terrible case of “What should the first episode be about?” This is how I got past the stage freight jitters, and just got the first one done.