Guy Kawasaki, Co-Author of APE, and Friends, Hang Out Google-Style with Indie Publishing Phenom Hugh Howey, Author of WOOL

Hugh Howey Guy Kawasaki Interview

I Just Can’t Get Enough of Hugh Howey’s Story! If you are an aspiring author, a lover of great fiction, or just get fired up by little-guy-works-hard-and-finally-makes-it-big-doing-it-his-own-way kinds of stories, then you have to love what’s happening in Hugh Howey’s life right now. I know I’ve been both inspired by it, and have learned things from his experience I know will help in my own career. But this video is a double win for us indie authors because Hugh gets interviewed by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch, the co-authors of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book.

APV Episode 3: Publishing Talk with Keith Ogorek of Author Solutions

Once Upon a Time - Top 100 Best Novels

In this episode, Keith Ogorek, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Author Solutions, sits down over Skype to chat with me about his experience in the world of indie publishing and what steps authors can take to maximize their chances for success. Keith not only has a top position at one of the firms leading the way with packaged services for authors choosing to self-publish, but he’s also published three of his own books, including his latest work, The Seven Secrets of Successful Self-Published Authors. This is part 1 of 3. Enjoy!

APV Episode 2: Serializing Your Novel and Why Simon & Schuster Paid Hugh Howey Six Figures for the Print Rights to a Self-Published eBook

Wool by Hugh Howey

Another giant step forward for authors! As an author, I’m excited whenever any author blazes the trail a bit more in the continuing journey of writers gaining more control and reward for their efforts. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on the nearly unheard of circumstance of self-published author Hugh Howey selling the print rights of his post-apocalyptic thriller, Wool, to Simon & Schuster for a ‘six figures’ sum. What makes this newsworthy is that Howey was able to retain the digital rights for himself, and that is HUGE. Watch the video for more details.