Vlog Ep. 002 — He Stole My Bike and My Kids Went Swimming

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About Today's Episode

Episode 002 - This was suppose to be the story of how my bike was stolen right in front of me by some brazen scumbag in a rusted out Bronco, and then how I finally got a new bike 8 long years later. But I messed up most of the footage I filmed by forgetting to turn on my microphone. Duh! (smacks self in head).

So instead I just made this into a loosely strung together music video set to The Unconscious's single Brave New World. For those of you who aren't familiar with The Unconscious, they're a band first formed back in the mid 1980's in Clayton, Missouri, featuring several guy's with whom I grew up: Mike Apirion, Darren O'Brien, Jon Taylor. Can't count how many fun nights my friends and I had going to see them play: Mississippi Nights, Blueberry Hill, Kennedy's, etc. Good times.

Any way, I just wanted to get episode finished and uploaded so my first episode wasn't also my last. Small victory, and that's probably the best thing I can say about this episode.



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